Call of Duty Mobile Season 8: Error 404 releases next week

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8: Error 404 releases next week

No, there’s nothing wrong with your device. That’s just what Call of Duty Mobile’s eighth season has been titled, Error 404. The upcoming update comes with a brand-new multiplayer map, seasonal challenges, and a space-themed battle pass. It is set to release on mobile on September 6th at 5:00 pm PT.

Battle Pass

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8: Error 404 comes with an awesome battle pass full of science-y cosmetics. Free tiers grant the Argus at stage 21, which is a new level-action shotgun that does a good job during both ADS and hip-firing. Other additions include the Cluster Grenade, Camos, and Weapon Blueprints.


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For those looking for a better experience, players can purchase the Premium Pass. It comes with new operator skins for Satsumebachi, Sims, Domino, and the Iron Monk. Players can also get their hands on high-tech blueprints and numerous more rewards.

New Multiplayer Map

The new update takes players to Kurohana Metropolis, which is an original map inspired by a cyberpunk downtown area. There are a lot of tight corners and interior spaces, which encourages close-quarters combat.

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In addition, the multiplayer mode will be updated with a few new features as well. The fan-favourite Headquarters mode is now part of the season 8 lineup after being only privately available. Then there’s the Super Slide Playlist as well as the improvements for the Coastal Map to ensure gameplay still feels rapid.

New Themed Event and Challenges

Phantom Conquest sees players take on mysterious Eastern forces that are present everywhere. Players will require Phantom Tokens in order to complete this themed event. Coupled with the new seasonal challenges, players will be able to earn bucketloads of rewards such as operator skins, weapon blueprints, and battle pass XP.

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