Call of Duty Mobile's Season 4: Wild Dogs sends players on a trip through the desert amidst raging sandstorms

Call of Duty Mobile's Season 4: Wild Dogs sends players on a trip through the desert amidst raging sandstorms

A new month means a new season of Call of Duty Mobile. As the summer kick in, nature becomes the villain as a sandstorm is coming. Season 4 of Call of Duty Mobile, titled Wild Dogs, takes players into the storm, which features a plethora of events, maps, game modes, and much more. The new season launches on April 27th and throws everyone into the eye of the storm in the land of sand.

As with every battle pass, the new Wild Dogs pass will feature free and premium tiers. The free tiers feature the Contact Grenade, Koshka bolt-action sniper rifle, camos, and more, while the paid tiers include new operators like Farah — Desert Sentinel, Ghost — Apparition, Roze — Sand Dune, and Roach, alongside a few exclusive weapon blueprints.

Two maps from the Call of Duty franchise also find their way to the mobile game. Black Ops Cold War’s Satellite map will be added with the update. Set in the African desert of Angola, Satellite is dotted with vantage points and features a paradise for snipers in its dunes. The second map, Khandor Hideout, comes from Modern Warfare and is an urban neighbourhood housing a secret lab. The layout allows players to place themselves in power positions as long as there are well-versed with the layout.

The new Ground War mode will feature 12v12 battles set in either Satellite or Aniyah Incursion with multiple vehicles like motorcycles, antelopes, ATVs, and Tanks, and six capture points with 300 points up for grabs. Since sandstorms are the theme this season, they will randomly show up in battle royale matches and will contain within them elusive loot that should not be missed. To wrap things up, the new Sandstorm’s Eye themed event will send players on a mission to complete various tasks and move through nodes for heaps of rewards.

Besides the new inclusions, seasonal challenges will also be rotated and the World Championship and Tournament Mode will be returning as well.

Get ready for the new update by downloading Call of Duty Mobile for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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