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Join our Call of Duty Mobile clan, and share your clan in the comments!

Join up with the official Call of Duty Mobile clan!

Join our Call of Duty Mobile clan, and share your clan in the comments!

We've been grinding our way through Call of Duty Mobile, and we're finally ready to go head-to-head with all of you. And we'd like to showcase our skills in our Pocket Gamer Call of Duty Mobile Clan.

Call of Duty. Love it or loathe it, it appears to be here to stay, since people are very excited for the upcoming AAA Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and to go along with it, we are finally playing Call of Duty Mobile, a huge addition to the franchise.

Call of Duty Mobile isn't just some cheap handheld cash-in, it's a full-fledged Call of Duty greatest hits collection, containing many of the weapons, maps, and modes you remember from Call of Duty. In addition to that, it plays brilliantly, looks great, and has a full 100-man battle royale mode. How could you possibly argue with that?

How to join a Cod Mobile clan

How to join a CoD Mobile clan step by step?

Easy peasy. Go to your profile page. You can see the clan options here right beneath your name tag. Beside the text that says "Not in a clan" there is a button you can click that says "Join". 

When you click on it, a new menu will appear with the list of most of the available CoD Mobile clans, number of members, etc... Just join the one that seems most suitable with a lot of active members, because you don't want to join a full clan with just a few active players. Some of them will have special requirements like being a certain level.

How to create a clan?

Do you want to start your own clan? Go to the Clan window again and click on the "Create a clan" option. Now you'll see a screen where you need to add your emblem, the name of the clan, preferred player level to join and their favourite game modes (you can leave the all option if you prefer to play every mode available).

Not, you can choose whether a new player can join automatically by clicking the "Join" button or would you like to review them prior to joining. There is also a "Closed" option if you want to permit anyone from joining because the clan consists only of the people you know and prefer to play with. 

What are the benefits of joining the Call of Duty Mobile clan?

You can sign up and join our clan, help us level it up, and we will undoubtedly become one of the most powerful Call of Duty Mobile clans online.

Right now we're working through battle royale and multiplayer modes, upgrading the clan level, which will allow us to add even more players to the team.

If we all work together, we can increase the maximum number of members, and quickly become a huge and powerful clan.

If you want to join along with us, then search for our clan, which is called…


Search for our clan name, and I will review and approve all applications which are valid. To be valid to join this clan, you must be level 10 in-game - sorry, not trying to exclude anyone, just want to ensure everyone is an active player!

We are likely to hit our maximum number of members pretty quickly, so if you want to make your own clan, link to it in the comments below. Brand your clan under the Pocket Gamer name, and we'll even put the name of your CoD Mobile clan above…

Download Cod Mobile from Google Play Store | Download CoD Mobile from the App Store
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