Call of Duty Mobile's third season, Tokyo Escape, will go live later this week

Call of Duty Mobile's third season, Tokyo Escape, will go live later this week

Activision’s renowned multiplayer shooter, Call of Duty Mobile, is set to introduce its third season, Tokyo Escape, which will go live on the 17th of April. With the beginning of the new season, the game has added a lot of content such as new maps, weapons, operators and more.

New Rewards in the Tokyo Escape Battle Pass

Players who have bought the Tokyo Escape Battle Pass can claim both premium and free items which includes new weapons, Operators, Blueprints, Charms, Calling Cards, emotes and CoD Points. You can progress through the tiers simply by playing the game. 

Battle Pass Free Tiers

In the free tier, you'll be able to get the new operator skill, Bull Charge, which unlocks at Tier 14, and experience the new revamped PP19 Bizon which is unlockable after reaching Tier 21. On top of that, free tier players can unlock other items including the Samurai Tuna Charm, the Samurai Chop Calling Card and the Severed camo series, among others.

Premium Pass Tiers

Meanwhile, through the Premium Pass, players can claim exclusive rewards such as the new Operator, Hidora Kai – The Boss, the Type 25 – Oni, the Showdown Calling Card, and the Hannya Charm.

New Multiplayer Maps: Oasis & Coastal

The exciting part comes here as the devs have added two more maps to escalate the fun action. The newly added maps originally appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Both have eye-catching graphics. Oasis is set in a luxurious hotel in the midst of a desert and Coastal depicts a small sea town.

New Multiplayer Modes: Swords & Stones, Night Modes

Engage in a multiplayer battle with only melee weapons and grenades in Swords and Stones mode. This mode is meant to test the hand combat skills of the player, where knocking down an enemy grants movement speed and health. Meanwhile, the new Night Mode allows you to grab a battery recharged goggle with a limited vision where you need to track the sound of the footsteps to predict your enemy's location.

New Seasonal Challenges: Earn Overclock and the Renetti

As the season progresses, players can use the Overclock Perk to deal massive damage with their guns. It significantly increases the charge speed of Operator Skills. And for your secondary gun, grab the new burst-fire handgun, Renetti. Both of these weapons can be obtained by completing the seasonal challenges.

New Battle Royale Class: Spotter

Spotter, an anti-aircraft specialist is the latest addition in the Battle Royale mode. He’s mainly played as a support for the squad and looks out for any aerial threat. Players planning to claim him can do so by participating in the Quick Hands Challenge in May.

Warrior’s Path Event

During this event, call out your allies to win the battle and claim a new territory along with massive rewards. Also, there will be an event-specific weapon set you'll be rewarded with if you end up being the top contributor of the winning team.

The Warrior’s Path Event is set to run for fifteen days. The team with the most points before the territory closes wins the match. Milestone rewards will be available during the event which includes Five Knights like Charly – Knighted (Rare) and Man-O-War – Five Knights (Epic), and UAC Rewards like Charly – Coalition (Rare) and Man-O-War – UAC (Epic).

Altogether, there are eight Epic rewards and one Legendary Calling Card, alongside 10+ Rare weapon camos, characters, and more throughout the season.

Call of Duty Mobile is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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