Call of Duty: Mobile introduces a new map and challenges this month for iOS and Android devices

Call of Duty: Mobile introduces a new map and challenges this month for iOS and Android devices

Activision has introduced some new updates for Call of Duty: Mobile, including a sneak peek for season 6.

Aniyah Incursion, the map from COD: Modern Warfare 2019 is joining us in CODM. It is a larger map allowing bigger skirmishes than the usual 5v5. It has multiple floors and corridors for close-quarter combat. This map will feature a new mode called Ground Missions which is a 10v10 Domination map with five capture points and an increased score limit allowing for chaos and mayhem to ensue. This will be live until July 22nd.

In an edition of the comics, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Ghost returned from the dead, and we are getting our first Legendary variant of Ghost with his dog, Riley. As a fan-favourite, Ghost’s return is undoubtedly something everyone was waiting for.

Ghost and Riley are part of the Omnipotent Draw, which is full of a quantum and other items like the Shorty, the M4-Vengeance, a blank tank camo, emotes and a lot more.

Three new seasonal challenges are coming to Call of Duty: Mobile. Firstly, the new Sawed-Off Shenanigans Seasonal Challenge is now live! Finish this to get yourself the Shorty, a shotgun combining the best of both worlds, fast for the runners-and-gunners as well as the more defensive players. The challenge will also net you about 20,000 XP alongside other rewards.

The next seven-part challenge is the Board of Honor. You’ll need to use specific weapons to get kills, complete other tasks and win ranked matches, rewarding you with 19,000 XP and other uncommon and rare rewards.

The third challenge is Rifle Ace wherein you will need to play multiplayer matches and get kills with assault rifles, use specific loadouts, and own the new CR-56 AMAX. This is the only challenge that will give you an Epic weapon blueprint alongside 19,000 XP.

The credit store has been updated with new items, which includes:

  • ATV - Eyes in the Dark (1.2K credits)
  • Operator Skill - Ballistic Shield (2K credits)
  • .50 GS – Droplets (3k credits)
  • SMRS - Rust Trim (3k credits)
  • (Epic) Charm – Dinosaur (3K credits)

Download and play Season 5 of Call of Duty: Mobile on iOS and Android devices now.

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