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BUMP! Superbrawl, a brand new strategic 1v1 battler from Ubisoft, soft launches in Poland

BUMP! Superbrawl, a brand new strategic 1v1 battler from Ubisoft, soft launches in Poland

Legendary developer Ubisoft has soft-launched its latest title; a strategic action-packed cartoony romp entitled BUMP! Superbrawl. This new project is an interesting spin on a 1v1 PvP-focused multiplayer game, where you’ll create teams of fighters and engage in carefully planned turn-based fights with opponents.

Superbrawl has gone under the radar, as it appears Ubisoft hasn’t been hyping it up too much, but judging off the gameplay, it’s a very unique and interesting take on the PvP formula. The top-down view and rectangular arenas might make it easily mistaken for Omega Strikers, but it couldn’t be further from such a game.

Since the game doesn’t really have a plot to speak of and is far more focused on the simple fluid gameplay, let’s dig into that side of things. The game will begin with you choosing three heroes to use as your team, each coming equipped with different abilities that have different effects. For example; one hero might have a small and slim AoE ability that goes directly ahead of them, while another may have a large circular AoE that can damage a lot of targets at once.

You’ll be using these characters one turn at a time once the match begins, and your goal is to simply reduce your opponent’s characters to zero HP. The tricky part, aside from the obstacles on the map like explosive barrels, is that you can only move and use one hero at a time, meaning you’ll have to think ahead to succeed at this one.

This gives Superbrawl an almost chess-like gameplay loop, where you’ll be not only considering your next few turns ahead but also trying to read what your opponent wants to go for next. All-in-all, it’s a fun-looking strategic arena brawler that really seems to stand out on its own.

If you’re interested, players within Poland can currently give it a go by downloading it using the Google Play link below!

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