Bulbs 2.0 lets you combine colours to cast your whole board in white with limited moves, coming soon to mobile

Bulbs 2.0 lets you combine colours to cast your whole board in white with limited moves, coming soon to mobile
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Error300 Games has announced a new puzzle game titled Bulbs 2.0, coming to both iOS and Android devices on February 17th. Lighting up your screen with different colours you'll have to tinker around with, the vibrant puzzle game lets you mix and match different shades to achieve certain goals within a limited set of moves.

In Bulbs 2.0 from Error300 (of Mosaic Chronicles and Tangram Collection fame), players have to keep in mind that red plus blue equals purple. On the other hand, blue plus yellow makes green. And finally, white is a combination of all colours - it's up to the player to do whatever they can to illuminate the board in pristine white light within a limited moveset.

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The challenge here is that the bulbs will reverse their colours not only within their cells but also within the surrounding eight cells. You also won't be able to get by with simple trial-and-error as you only have a limited number of moves. There are over 60 levels that will put your brain cells and your patience to the test, with a wide variety of sizes for each puzzle that will progressively make each one harder and harder.

Based on the gameplay footage embedded above, it does seem like Bulbs 2.0 is a good mix of being calming yet challenging - if anything, it's definitely pleasing to the eye, and it seems like the background music is pretty relaxing as well. You can take a little sneak peek at the stimulating levels in the launch trailer to get a feel of how the game goes.

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Catherine Dellosa
Catherine Dellosa
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