Brown Dust 2, the sequel to the hit mobile RPG Brave Nine, reveals new story information in latest trailer

Brown Dust 2, the sequel to the hit mobile RPG Brave Nine, reveals new story information in latest trailer
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Mobile gaming giant NEOWIZ has released a brand new trailer that reveals a little more information about its upcoming project Brown Dust 2, the sequel to the beloved mobile RPG Brave Nine. With a 2023 release window on the horizon, this new trailer offers a peek at the four main characters as well as a few looks into the story side of things.

Brown Dust 2 is without a doubt likely to take the world by storm, as it offers up some truly engaging teases with every bit of new information we get about it. With a beautiful 2D art style reminiscent of games like Final Fantasy IX or Legend of Mana, it’s clear that this series takes a lot of inspiration from the old JRPGs of yore.

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Add in this wild plotline that centres around the idea of “cartridges” (further proof we’re dealing with some retro love), which are essentially different worlds for players to explore, and there’s a lot to dig into. Amidst the main characters featured in this trailer, we get a glimpse at each of their cartridges and just how wildly different each of these bits of the Brave Nine multiverse is.

From a high school setting to a secret laboratory to a James Bond-esque spy drama, there is truly something for everybody within Brown Dust 2. Each of these worlds offers a different way to experience the story and delve into each character’s lore, introducing you to their aesthetics and places of origin. It’s quite comical to see a leather-clad badass spy lady roaming around a high school, just as it is seeing a high schooler explore a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

All of these settings are wildly different from one another, so it’ll be interesting to see how NEOWIZ can manage to juggle all of these clashes and make them merge into an engaging story. For now, we’ll have to wait and see how it’s handled when Brown Dust 2 launches next year.

In the meantime, why not check out the official website for a deeper look at the game with screenshots and trailers galore?

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