Brawl Stars has released the massive Hypercharge update

Brawl Stars has released the massive Hypercharge update

Supercell has just announced that a humongous update for Brawl Stars is now live. It essentially revamps the entire core gameplay loop with brand new brawlers, skins, items, and a tonne of improvements. The patch has aptly been titled Hypercharge and players can check out the teaser trailer embedded below to get a taste of what’s to come.

Brawl Stars’ Hypercharge update takes players back to the Ranger Rank, where new skins from the Wasteland are causing a lot of chaos. Belle and Sam were a great duo but their family’s been extended to three with the addition of a new oven-bot called Pearl.

A few weeks after Pearl’s launch, the game will introduce the Brawl Academy skin just in time for school. Finally in October, Chuck the Ghost Station conductor will roll and steam into Brawl Stars, causing a bit of a scare.

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The name of the update comes from the new item, Hypercharge, which will unlock at Power Level 11. It provides a temporary buff to brawlers, turning them as well as the Super into a more powerful version of themselves. Their working is similar to normal supers with the only difference being that Hypercharges charge at a slower rate (ironic, I know).

Shelly, Colt, Bull, Spike, Jacky, and Pearl are the first set of brawlers who will get access to Hypercharges. They’ll be released at different times throughout the week in the shop and as part of Collectors Packs. Two weeks later, players will be able to find them on the brawler's profile screen.

Besides the Wasteland and Brawl Academy sets, players can also get their hands on the Robot Factory and Redux skins which will be available later in September. Other novel cosmetics include pin sets, season-themed sprats, and profile icons to reflect the new Hypercharge feature.

The Hypercharge update releases on September 5th. Get ready for it by downloading Brawl Stars now for free.

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