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Brawl Stars Colette guide
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In this character guide, we will take a look at the popular Chromatic brawler. This Brawl Stars Colette guide includes insights into her skills, builds, gameplay and lots more. So, while reading it, here’s what you can expect to find.

  • About Colette
  • Types of Attacks
  • Best Gadgets and Powers
  • Tips and Tricks for Colette

Colette is a Fighter brawler with the Chromatic rarity who was released in September 2020. She has been a popular pick for the players who love dashing and melting high HP heroes. Colette is available at Tier 30 of the Brawl Pass.

Colette’s damage scaling is what makes her a popular pick. If you’re wondering how the damage scales, her exclusive gadgets allow her to deal an additional 1000 damage while she continues to spam her basic attacks. On top of that, her inbuilt shield that triggers when she receives damage could be the best thing for a brawler who enjoys being on the frontline. 

Brawl Star’s Colette Skills and Attacks

Normal Attack - Taxing Shot

Colette’s Taxing Shot is a long-range normal attack that is a nightmare for any high HP heroes. It deals a minimum of 37% damage on the enemy, regardless of their HP. Due to her special abilities, the damage scales up if the opponent has high HP and scales down if the base HP of the enemy is low.

Super Skill - Time to Collect

Her extraordinary skill of dashing comes into play when Colette uses her Super Skill. When she uses this ability, she can dash forward to the target location and return to where she started while continuously damaging the enemies in her trajectory. The only way her Super Skill can be stopped is if she’s hit by an obstacle or enemy. But you can be sure that you will receive at least 20% damage if you get hit by her.

Colette's Gadgets and Star Powers

Gadget - Na-ah!

After the successful activation of the gadget, Na-ah!, each basic attack and skill deals +1000 damage. This gadget is another reason why Colette is popular and preferred. You would always want to deal extra damage when sniping the enemy from a long distance and this gadget absolutely rewards you for your aim and precision.

Star Powers - Push It and Mass Tax
  • Push It - When Colette is interrupted while using her Super Skill, she immediately grabs the enemies around her and pushes them to the farthest point where they are then hit by the damage twice.
  • Mass Tax - The more you hit, the more shield she gains. Colette’s Mass Tax lets her have a 20% shield that lasts for 5 seconds. In the meantime, if she is subjected to enemy blows, she continuously gains an extra 10% on her shield.

Useful Tips on Brawl Stars Colette

  • Utilise your basic attacks and Time To Collect only on those brawlers who don’t have a shield or armour as the damage intensifies when there is no counter to it.
  • As we discussed above, Colette excels when facing beefy brawlers. In order to bring the best out of her, use her against full HP or high sustaining heroes.
  • Try the combo of her Super Skills and Gadget to maximise your damage and secure your escape.
  • Super Skill can also be used as an item stealer, as it is a back and forth dash skill so you can swiftly dash to the enemy region and return successfully by nabbing an item.
  • She can be used as a gem-grabber or holder as she can inflict long-range damage and steal as well.

 If you are not a big fan of Colette, maybe you'd fancy Leon?

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