Boomerang RPG: Watch out Dude to collab with South Korean webtoon series The Sound of Your Heart

The series is a long runner in its native Korea

Boomerang RPG: Watch out Dude to collab with South Korean webtoon series The Sound of Your Heart
  • Boomerang RPG is getting a collab with major Korean webtoon series The Sound of Your Heart
  • It'll feature a number of exclusive characters and more in a new collaboration
  • You can also enjoy a host of new weapons being added in the update

Boomerang RPG: Watch Out Dude is set to collaborate with the long-running webtoon series The Sound of Your Heart. The collaboration will, naturally, include the appearances of key characters from the series and exclusive missions and dungeons for you to explore.

Sound of Your Heart is a highly popular webtoon series in South Korea that has gone on to inspire its own live-action series on Netflix. It follows the adventures of cartoonist Cho Seok, his significant other and his family in a variety of escapades based on the character's real-life counterpart.

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While Boomerang RPG would, on the outside seem to be a pretty bizarre game cobbled together from scraps lying around the dev's offices, we've noted it's very popular. And for good reason, given that despite the rather janky appearance it plays well for those of you into the surprisingly engaging loop of upgrading, auto-battling and slowly min-maxing your team to the nth level.

So what's actually in it?

As for what you can expect, the collab will feature a variety of new, bizarre weapons to use as well as a battle to rescue the characters from the webcomic that have been trapped throughout the setting of Dude Land. This includes real-life creator and main character Cho Seok, his wife Aebong, his father-in-law Jjaeddanyo and friend Buuk Suh, a flower person we're fairly sure is the only one not based on a real-life individual (probably).

You can check out the upcoming collaboration when it launches very soon.

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