Boom Blox could be coming to topple the iPhone

EA lining up other formats for the hit Wii franchise?

Boom Blox could be coming to topple the iPhone

Speaking to, EA Bright Light studio's Harvey Elliot has been discussing the future of the surprise Wii (and mobile and N-Gage, of course) hit, Boom Blox, and the possibility of it expanding to other platforms.

"I wouldn't rule anything out," he says. "Why I think Boom Blox has really worked is that it captured the spirit of the Wii. It's about the motion control, it's about throwing a ball or throwing an object. I can't imagine that on other devices at the moment."

If we're talking the success of motion controls, naturally there's really only one such device besides the Wii (though I suppose the Xbox 360's Project Natal thing could also work quite well with the tower toppling gameplay of Boom Blox - especially since Mr Spielberg is clearly a fan of both).

It's very easy to imagine the Steven Spielberg produced game finding itself a very comfortable home on the Apple handset, so here's hoping EA aims a ball squarely at Apple.