Blue Archive launches The Ark of Atrahasis Conquest update with two new students

Blue Archive launches The Ark of Atrahasis Conquest update with two new students

Nexon has launched an exciting new update for Blue Archive, letting players experience the epic new chapter of "The Ark of Atrahasis Conquest". The Main Story Part I Final Episode offers plenty of engaging challenges along with awesome in-game goodies as a reward for clearing boss battles.

In the latest update to Blue Archive, you can look forward to unleashing more of your tactical prowess with area bosses across four different stages. Sensei needs to work together with the students to survive - thankfully, Secret Tech Notes and Pyroxene are up for grabs as special rewards for clearing tasks (fancy some coupon codes while you're at it?).

You can also expect to welcome new students Toki and Nagisa to the fray, with the former being an Explosion Type Striker from Millennium and the latter an Explosion Type Special Student hailing from Trinity General School. Toki can boost her ATK, Accuracy, and Evasion thanks to her EX Skill, and she also has a special ability that ignores 60% of enemy DEF up to three times when dealing damage to foes in a straight line.

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Nagisa, on the other hand, can damage foes with an amount that's proportional to her ATK within a circular area. She can also bring down the enemy's DEF for 15 seconds. Additionally, the Double Rewards Campaign for the difficulty mode Torment in Total Assault will run until September 4th.

If you're eager to join in on all the fun and experience the update for yourself, you can do so by downloading Blue Archive on the iOS App Store or on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. You can visit the official website or take a little sneak peek at the embedded clip above to get a feel of the game's vibes as well.

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