Blue Archive's latest update continues the Kyrie of the Forgotten Gods storyline

Blue Archive's latest update continues the Kyrie of the Forgotten Gods storyline
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Back in December, Nexon released an update for Blue Archive that delved into the conclusion of the Eden Treat event with the release of Kyrie of the Forgotten Gods. Initially, the first ten episodes were launched, and with this update, players will learn what happens in the second half of the story.

In part two of Kyrie of the Forgotten Gods, Blue Archive’s lore expands as we follow Saori and the Arius Squad as they help Sensei and Atsuko. Things are going according to plan but Mika suddenly throws a curveball, causing the situation to get messy.

To get back on the course, Saori must now fight against Mika if she wishes to rescue her teammates. It will be an interesting event as Saori and Mika’s lives are similar and Kyrie of the Forgotten Gods will unearth the intersections between them. It gives a whole new meaning to the battle which will be a crucial addition to Blue Archive’s lore.

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Since we are talking about Saori, let’s look further into her character as well. Saori is a student of Arius Satellite School and is an Explosive-type Striker. Her EX Skill is called Et Omnia Vanitas!, which does assured critical damage that is proportional to her attack. She will be accompanied by Aru, Shiroko, and Aris who will have their own recruitment reruns.

Furthermore, the second task of Arius District Exploration goes live with this update. It offers various tasks to players such as completing Main Story missions, conducting Lessons and gathering Growth Materials in exchange for Handmade Wreaths and Pyroxene.

Players can also look out for triple reward campaigns, Valentine’s Day celebrations, and Supply events that will occur throughout the month.

Continue Blue Archive’s story by downloading it now for free using your preferred link below.

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