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Bloons TD 6 best banana farm

Bloons TD 6 best banana farm
| Bloons TD 6

Today, we are going to give you all of the easy answers to your Bloons TD 6, Banana Farm-related questions. Which path is the best? What should you upgrade? When? What you should not upgrade, and more. We are not throwing just a bunch of numbers at you like some maths test. Instead, we're explaining everything that you should know in a simple way.

Banana Farm tower

Banana Farm Tower
Best Banana Farm tower

Banana Farm is a support-type tower that has the sole purpose of generating income. Its production depends on its upgrades, but at the base, it will produce 4 bananas per round. Each banana goes for $20 so a basic (0-0-0) Banana Farm will generate $80 per round.

When is the best time to buy a Banana Farm tower?

The sooner, the better. The reason why you buy one in the first place is so you can earn some extra gold. So, the sooner you get it, the faster it will pay you back the gold that you've spent to purchase it. All the currency that will generate after that point, is profit.

A basic Banana Farm tower, with no upgrades, will make its money back (break even) as follows:

Difficulty Cost Break even @round
Easy 1,060$ ~13
Medium 1,250$ ~16
Hard 1,350$ ~17
Impoppable 1,500$ ~19


Banana Tower Upgrades

Tower Upgrades
Best upgrades

Let's make this simple. You want to get the 'Increased Production', and you want to get it fast! This upgrade will generate 2 more extra bananas per round, that's $40. In other words, it will produce as much as 50% of a basic Banana Farm tower, but it costs less than that. For that reason, 1-0-0 is one of the most cost-efficient upgrades you can get, much better than a basic tower. 

Your next upgrade should (almost) always be 'Greater Production'. Even though 2-0-0 isn't as cost-efficient as a 1-0-0 upgrade, it's much better in terms of income than buying another Banana Farm and having to wait for another round. If you're paying attention, then you'll notice that many people opt to go for a couple of 2-0-0 towers, and now you know the reason why. It's like you're having the production of 2 base farm towers, but with a lower cost. 

What to upgrade next?

Once you have four upgraded (2-0-0) banana farm towers, your next step really depends on the state (and mode) of your game. A very generic approach to remember is this:

  • For games that you expect to last very long, opt for the top path.
  • If you are looking for a 'quality of life' upgrade, the bottom path is a great choice, especially after the latest adjustments. Many people seem to enjoy this path as it makes it a lot easier to collect the gold, and it's very practical.
  • The 2nd path has been proven to be a major issue for Kiwi Ninja (game developer) to balance, as 'Monkey Bank' upgrade has seen a number of changes (mostly nerfs). Still, even after all that, a 2-3-0 build when the stored unit is at max capacity (that's important, and it takes time), is one of the most efficient ways to make money in the game. Benjamin also provides a buff to bank income at levels 5 and 9. 


What you really want to do is get yourself a couple of 2-0-0 Banana Farms. After that, you can't go wrong. Ever since the 28.0 update, EZ Collect (3rd path, which was clearly inferior compared to the other options) got a buff which made it a super viable choice. You might want to give this one a try, especially if you are playing from your mobile. Make sure to check out our Bloon TD 6 hero tier list, and also, the best towers to carry your rounds while the Banana Farms generate money for you!

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