Bleach: Brave Souls celebrates over 75 million downloads with a bunch of freebies and boosted banners

Bleach: Brave Souls celebrates over 75 million downloads with a bunch of freebies and boosted banners

The massively successful 3D action gacha RPG Bleach: Brave Souls, based upon the titular anime series, is celebrating over 75 million downloads with a bunch of in-game campaigns for players. These campaigns mainly revolve around increased odds gacha banners but are also offering up some free handouts to all as well.

Brave Souls has remained a staple of the gacha universe for quite some time now, and it’s not all due to the name it’s based upon. Alongside offering up tons of fan service for lovers of the Bleach anime world, it’s also just generally a very well-put-together gacha experience with a boatload of content, an absurdly massive roster, and plenty of stuff to do on the daily to keep you occupied.

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And now, with this new event, there’s, even more, to dig your teeth into! First off, there are the boosted banners, which will run from June 2nd to June 11th and will allow players to summon characters with the heavy discount of 50 Orbs as a price compared to the typical pricing of 250 per summon. This will give you tons of chances to grab yourself some rare characters without anywhere near as much grinding or real money paying.

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Then, there’s a daily login reward running from May 31st to June 16h. You’ll be able to get one 5-star accessory from a special Accessory Machine each day, so be sure to check in and get this free massive power boost for your characters.

Finally, the last free handout comes in the form of a Battle Ready 6-star Summons Ticket. This item will guarantee a 6-star character who is completely max level and powered up as can be, so if you’re looking for a huge addition to your roster, this one’s for you!

If you wanna grab all these freebies yourself, download Bleach: Brave Souls for free at either of the links below!

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