Black Desert Mobile launches new Shehzad difficulty level for endgame players

Black Desert Mobile launches new Shehzad difficulty level for endgame players

Pearl Abyss has just launched a new update for the adventure RPG, Black Desert Mobile, as it celebrates its third anniversary. The update has been targeted primarily at veteran players with a new difficulty level being added featuring tougher monsters, but also quicker ways to travel and better rewards.

The Great Desert welcomes players of all skill levels into its arid atmosphere. The Imur and Torme levels already existed for easy and mid-range players. Now, veterans at the top end of Black Desert Mobile’s player base can try something more suited to their skillset with tougher monsters to challenge.

As it goes, the greater the element of risk, the more handsome the rewards will be. Players will be able to win a tonne of riches and rewards by slaying these powerful creatures. The desert contains a number of wandering merchants and buried treasures as well that contain a bunch of rare items.

To help with all the extra troubles, Black Desert Mobile is also adding a second Doom Horse. Diné is a gorgeous white horse with a shining golden mane that comes galloping into the game. It is faster than the current options of elephants and camels. In addition to this, players can also use the Quantum Jump to instantly teleport by interacting with the Black Rock Shine in the desert.

Finally, the update will make Rune Enhancements stronger by allowing players to power up them even more for the first time. This change comes across the entire game and not just the desert.

It’s been an exceptional year for Black Desert Mobile as the game has welcomed over 21 million players and 40 classes have been released. Try the mobile MMO for yourself by downloading it using one of the links below.

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