Black Desert Mobile introduces new region Kamasylvia in latest update

 Black Desert Mobile introduces new region Kamasylvia in latest update

Developer Pearl Abyss announced that, as of today, a new region for their hit mobile MMORPG Black Desert Mobile will be launching. This will introduce new environments, enemies, and content for players to get involved in.

The new region, named Kamasylvia, is based around a mystical forest sort of aesthetic, which should add a fair bit of variety as Black Desert Mobile is currently lacking a high fantasy elven woods locale that most fantasy media is bound to have. In this region, players will have the chance to learn about the long history of these woods, along with the elven inhabitants who live there.

Kamasylvia will also bring a brand new boss called Narrc Brishka. This creature, located in a hidden cave deep within the Manshaum Forest area of the region, is meant to challenge even the most veteran Black Desert Mobile players. However, if you brave the challenge and topple the boss, you will bring peace to the forest along with a boost in defensive power given to you by slaying the beast.

Along with the region update, Black Desert is also introducing various seasonal events filled with rewards themed around the time of the year it begins, so this one will be Spring themed. Throughout February and March, four events will be held and players who successfully complete missions will receive items that will help them along with general game progression, things like crafting materials and level up rewards. Some of the currently planned events and the rewards for them are: 

  • Spring Relay Mission Event (Feb 28 after maintenance - Mar 7) - Dark Coin (up to 300,000), Chaos Crystal (up to 1,000)
  • Spring Holy Vial Size Up Event (Feb 28 after maintenance - Mar 7) - An increased level of Holy Vial of Splendors
  • Spring Bounty Mission Event (Feb 28 after maintenance - Mar 7) - Caphras Secret Book Page, Lapis Lazuli, [Abyssal] Accessory Crate
  • Complete Great Desert Temple Mission (Mar 1 - Mar 31) - 100% Great Desert Hot Time (20 minutes), Frozen Purified Water, [Mystical-Primal] Elion Rune Chest

To learn more about all of the content included in this large update, check out the official Black Desert website. To get involved and start exploring this new mysterious forest, you can download Black Desert Mobile for free on both Google Play and the App Store.

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