Black Desert Mobile adds a new class called Solaris alongside multiple events and rewards

Black Desert Mobile adds a new class called Solaris alongside multiple events and rewards

Black Desert Mobile welcomes the addition of a brand new class to their ever-growing roster of 22 available classes. She is called Solaris and is regarded as The Slayer of Holy Flame. Solaris is a melee class hero that wields her Jordun and conquers the battlefield with it. She also uses her Warden sub-weapon which, when paired with her fire-based skills, makes her a formidable opponent. Pearl Abyss is hosting a number of celebratory events in light of Solaris’ addition to Black Desert Mobile.

Solaris has a number of skills that make her a fine addition to your team. Check them out below:

  • Ynix’s Flame – A passive skill that deals burn damage to nearby enemies and increases damage afflicted to monsters.
  • Cleansing Flame – Solaris hurls her Jordun towards her enemies, dealing great damage to all of them.
  • Lava Surge – By summoning Jordun’s flame, she creates lava that inflicts major damage to everyone.
  • Dragon’s Maw – Enemies in front of her are heavily damaged because of the Jordun’s amplified flames.
  • Dragon’s Rage – This move knocks down all enemies in range.
  • Thermal Rush – Solaris can push her enemies forward with her weapon, stunning them in the process.
  • Lava Explosion – Enemies are greeted with burning lava that deals a lot of damage.
  • Call of Dragain – Solaris enhances her speed letting her rush to the enemies, attacking them instantly.
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Moving onto the newly added events, the Making Fortune Cookies event allows players to make Fortune Cookies out of material dropped by monsters. This can be exchanged for Alyaelli Fragments which is used to craft Abyssal Gear. A special level-up event will be held for Solaris, allowing players to increase their level to 70 by awarding items like Epic Outfit Chest, Solaris Skillbook Chest, Primal Relic Chest, and 1000 Black Pearls. The new weekly and daily missions will feature Boss Rush and Black Spirit Quests, rewarding players with Ancient Gold Coins that can be traded in for Advice of Valks, Ancient Chest, Rush Stamps.

Add Solaris to your squad and level her up with the new events by downloading Black Desert Mobile for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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