Black Desert Mobile's latest update adds a host of new content, events, and rewards

Black Desert Mobile's latest update adds a host of new content, events, and rewards

A New Year means new updates. Pearl Abyss is releasing a content-packed update for Black Desert Mobile today, January 11th. It adds new content, events, bug fixes, and improvements. Check them all out below:

Nightmare: Boss Magram

This new beast will show up in the Roud Sulfur Mine Restricted Zone. He will be in all Levels of Nightmare and when Magram’s HP is depleted by 5% through the player’s contribution, adventurers will be awarded the Nightmare Lookout Chest.

Special Shop

A new shop has been added to the Lightstone and Relic Shop. This uses 100 times more resources and provides a higher probability of obtaining epic or greater Lightstones and Relics. After filling the special shop gauge, players will also be awarded with the Holy Vial of Light and a Golden Sculpture.


Beginning immediately after the update goes live and running until January 17th are the Bagel Box Making and Bagel Grab Daily Missions. The Family Growth Support Event begins at the same time and continues until January 24th and the Boss Beatdown Event will be live between January 15th and 17th. Events like Mysterious Rune Fragment Daily Exchange Event, 2022 New Year Selective Mission, Eclipse Premium Login Event and Genoveva Shop x10 Event will end with the update.

Other Updates

Alyaelli’s Rift has been added to the menu. There is now a limit of nine purchases to items sold in the Great Ocean Shop in order to use the remaining Padix Pirate Island Invitation and Phantom Ship Grappling Hook. The reward multiplier for additional entries has been boosted to 50. Adventurers can obtain up to 150 Medals of Honour in Node Wars and up to 200 in Siege Wars. The Pearl Shop now features 500x Refined Black Crystals, new special packages, and a new Black Pearl Armour Outfit.

Download Black Desert Mobile’s newest update on the App Store and Google Play to enjoy all the new content.

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