Black Desert Mobile's latest world boss is the ruthless Enraged Muskan

Set to be unleashed this week

Black Desert Mobile's latest world boss is the ruthless Enraged Muskan

An all-new world boss is set to be unleashed on the world of Black Desert Mobile later this week. The "cold-blooded fiend" known as Enraged Muskan will soon become available to fight, and he doesn't exactly sound like the nicest of guys.

Muskan is said to be a heartless warrior who's more than happy to kill any unfortunate souls in his path. He remains the commander of the Kzarka Shrine priests, a group dedicated to resurrecting the dreaded Kzarka.

He makes use of two giant gauntlets that have been very carefully crafted to inflict as much pain as possible. Apparently, those who actually survive an attack from Muskan will "fall in agony while gasping for breath." Goodness me.

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Muskan makes use of deadly AOE abilities to devastate his foes, so you'll need to remain on your toes if you're to avoid them and survive. Those who do manage to take him down will be handsomely rewarded with lots of loot, including the boss' shoes and some special tokens.

On top of the new world boss comes an advanced grade of Abyssal Relic. These should hopefully give you the edge you'll need to take down Muskan once and for all, as well as whatever fresh challenges are yet to come. You'll be able to acquire improved Abyssal Relics using relic fragments and level 11 Ancient Ruins. 

If you have the time to spare on a colossal MMORPG, you'll find Black Desert Mobile up for download as a free-to-play game from both Google Play and the App Store. More info on this one and its latest content can be found via this here handy link

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