Black Desert Mobile's latest character class is the cunning and deadly Hashashin

Black Desert Mobile's latest character class is the cunning and deadly Hashashin

Black Desert Mobile has slowly but surely been catching up to its big brother, Black Desert Online, since its launch late last year. We've seen plenty of major updates, new areas, world bosses, and more. And the latest news is that the Hashashin character class has now arrived.

He's said to be illusive, cunning, and mesmerising, boasting rapid-fire melee attacks and a cool sense of style. He's able to travel quickly when journeying through the desert and also offers a resistance to desert diseases.

His primary weapon is the Shamshir sword, with his main skill being an AOE attack called the Descent. This causes him to leap into the hair and slam his sword down onto the ground, causing an eruption of devastating sandstorms.

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This is now the 9th character class to be added to Black Desert Mobile, and more will continue to land over time. To celebrate his arrival, developer Pearl Abyss is hosting some in-game events that will dole out plenty of neat rewards, including ancient gold coins, advanced black crystals, relic fragments, tier 4 pets, and more. All you'll have to do to start earning is log into the game during the event period.

On top of that, all adventurers who hit level 60 will net themselves handy accessories such as the jade ring and bracelet. This is the first time players have been gifted abyssal-grade accessories. And, finally, you'll now be able to obtain a level 60 character generator coupon by levelling up Hashashin. This lets you instantly upgrade a character to level 60.

If you have the time to spare on a mammoth MMORPG, you'll find Black Desert Mobile up for download over on the App Store and Google Play.

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