Black Desert Mobile developers Pearl Abyss reveal future update plans including new region

Black Desert Mobile developers Pearl Abyss reveal future update plans including new region

As part of our now-quite-regular PocketGamer LaunchPad conversations, we've been talking to the developers of now-quite-regularly covered MMORPG Black Desert Mobile, and they've shared with us a part of their development roadmap for their next few updates. As it turns out, they've got some quite ambitious plans in mind.

We mention Black Desert Mobile at least a couple of times a month here on PG, and that's for good reason. The MMO is beautiful, stuffed with content and regularly updated - a great combination if you're looking for a game to sink time into. As it turns out, two years on from release developers Pearl Abyss is showing no sign of slowing down their ambitions, with several substantial updates planned across the next while.

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For a start, Black Desert Mobile is gaining a new area which is certainly in the spirit of its title; that's right, they're adding a new desert region to BDM. Specifically, it's the Grand Desert, and your adventures there will have you investigating the origin of the Black Spirit which has occupied the area since the Ancient Black Stone crashed into the desert long before the start of the game. 

Amongst the sandy dunes of the desert, you'll explore ruins and strange temples, finding a wealth of riches, but also a wealth of danger.

I said earlier that its been two years since Black Desert Mobile launched, that's only the case in Korea. For a lot of us, it's been just under a year since the release, and Pearl Abyss are planning some celebrations of BDM's first anniversary.

For the first-anniversary event, players will be able to take part in a special in-game event which will run from the 8th of December. It's based around accelerating XP gain, with the developers stating that, "This event will give Adventurers a series of special quests through which they can level up faster to reach level 70, unlocking plenty of endgame rewards such as mythical weapons, armor sets, accessories, class change packages or highest grade relics."

Wait, there's more

There's also going to be a new questline added into the game which allows returning players to level up faster - it'll also include silver rewards for those who reactivate their characters.

In addition to this, there are a couple more things planned; An upgrade to Carriage Inventory, meaning characters can carry more. This will come alongside a new rank being added to Merchantry, an area which will benefit most from the inventory expansion. There's also a new form of attack and defence boost being added called the Crystal of Dimensions - this can be crafted at the alchemy workshop and will reportedly open up alternative character progression routes.

We're expecting to see most of these updates deployed before the year is out, but we'll make sure to update you as soon as we get definite details.

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