Black Desert Mobile adds new boss rush and valuable rewards

Black Desert Mobile adds new boss rush and valuable rewards
| Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss has launched a new update for Black Desert Mobile which adds a boss rush mode to the game on iOS and Android devices.

Hadum Boss Rush allows you to challenge the bosses who are engulfed in darkness to earn valuable rewards. These are bosses you’ve already squared off against during the regular boss rushes in Elion’s Realm. Defeating them in this new mode is more challenging, as they have more health and higher power, but you get special rewards for defeating them such as Primal Gear and Inscribed Glyphs.

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If you want to enter Hadum Boss Rushes, you’ll have to complete Red Nose’s Boss Rush in Elion’s Realm at Difficulty 99 first, as well as a story quest. Only then can you enter the new mode by using 100 Boss Stamps and 1 Shadow Knot.

There’s a difference in Hadum Boss Rushes compared to the regular ones: they have a three minute time limit and must be defeated within this time, making it extra challenging for the players who want to attempt it.

Furthermore, schedules for Black Sun have been changed to allow you more time to enjoy the event. It’ll now be available on Wednesdays and Sundays between 6pm and 7pm, and later between 9pm and 10pm according to the server time.

If you compete in this event twice, your scores will be added which will determine your rewards given the next day. Participants will have a chance to obtain Grails of Gloom, which is used to get items such as Dark Coins and Mystical Black Sun Gems.

You can download Black Desert Mobile now from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. It’s a free to play title featuring in-app purchases.

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