Black Desert Mobile adds a new stealth based class, Kunoichi, in latest update

Black Desert Mobile adds a new stealth based class, Kunoichi, in latest update

Pearl Abyss’ massively popular RPG, Black Desert Mobile, has added a new class, Kunoichi, the moonlit blade. The game will introduce the latest class through a content update that will also include new constellations and many events to celebrate its arrival.

Kunoichi belongs to a small and hidden village called Oeki. She went through rigorous training in her childhood to master the shortsword, kunais, martial arts, and the hidden arts of Ninjutsu. Kunoichi’s skills allow her to attack her enemies stealthily.

Her unique skills sets include:

  • Shadow Stitch (fast cutting in a wide area).
  • Rain of Steel (hiding and dropping daggers on the enemies).
  • Viper Strike (approaching enemies with lightning speed and stabbing vital points).
  • Chakra Release (uses Ninjutsu to increase the damage of critical hit and Black Spirit skills).

Along with the new class, get ready to participate in numerous events and earn rewards. Players who update their game before the 4th of May will receive rewards that include 10,000 Ancient Gold Coins, 20 Awakening Skill Books, and 2000 Black Pearls by levelling up Kunoichi to level 70.

Make sure to log in promptly to claim Abyssal Weapons, including the Kzarka Shortsword and Nouver Kunai. In addition, Path of Glory will be back in season 4 and will feature multiple difficulty levels with better rewards.

In the Path of Glory PvE mode, protect your castle from waves of enemies by picking up to six classes from their family roster. After completing the challenge successfully, an Emblem item will be rewarded to significantly increase the combat and defence buff of the entire team.

Black Desert Mobile is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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