Black Desert Mobile adds a new stage called the First Prophet's Room to the Ancient Ruins

Black Desert Mobile adds a new stage called the First Prophet's Room to the Ancient Ruins

The First Prophet’s Room has been discovered in the Ancient Ruins and this will allow players to earn even more prestigious material than before.

Pearl Abyss has added this new stage to their collaborative battle mode, Ancient Ruins, a mode where players come together and fight their common enemy. The First Prophet’s Room contains the Ancient Warrior Kabuamilles which must be defeated in order to win the rewards.

However, you can’t just waltz into the Room. Entrance to the First Prophet’s Room is restricted to only those Adventurers, who have a special resource called “Tangled Time” as well as 10,000 Ancient Tablet. You must also defeat the Crescent Gatekeeper in South Valencia to gain access to the Room.

There are two levels for this stage, requiring 15,000 CP and 20,000 CP respectively. You also can set the reward multiplier after creating a chamber.

Lightstones have received a buff as well with a new level called Primal. Rewards for completing the room include materials that will help enhance your Primal Lightstone. Creation of the Lightstone will require an Abyssal Lightstone and 180 Holy Vial of Light. Equipping the Primal Lightstone in battle will provide you with higher combat points, defense points, and numerous other boosts.

Using your rewards to enhance the Primal Lightstone can be a little tricky. You must use the First Element obtained in the First Prophet’s Room to enhance the Lightstone. However, there is a possibility that the enhancement might fail but regardless of the result, the enhancement limit will decrease by one. Your enhancement limit of successful or unsuccessful enhancements is 20.

To make things fun for players, from now until the 3rd of August, extracting Lightstones will be free! Be sure to make the most of it. A new PvP mode called “Heroes of Karkea” has also been added and you can check that as well as the patch notes for this update on Black Desert’s official website.

Download Black Desert Mobile for free on iOS and Android devices.

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