Black Desert Mobile adds a new class, Sura, the subtle Ninja in latest update

Black Desert Mobile adds a new class, Sura, the subtle Ninja in latest update

Black Desert Mobile has added a new class, Sura, the Ninja into the game. Sura is a melee-based Ninja who has mastered the art of swordsmanship. Sura is the 17th addition to the ever-expanding roster of Black Desert Mobile. He wields his legendary Sura Katana, forged from the six special Katanas and uses Kunai as his sub-weapons.

The release information of the new class was already covered in our Pocket Gamer LaunchPad stream. In the stream, James and Dann share their impressions of Sura’s arrival. If you wish to watch the stream then you can check it out on our YouTube channel.

Sura uses the power of shadows to execute perfect combos with his swords. The Ninja comes with 11 different skills for players to execute by forming combos with shadows and his legendary Katana and Kunai.

With 11 new skills, Sura is set to be one of the most difficult classes to master. Almost every skill of Sura's inflicts damage onto the enemy and consists of dashes and slashes. Let’s take a look at his skillset:

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  • Blinding Slash: Dashes towards the enemy with a quick slash.
  • Shadow Break: Strikes the enemy with continuous damage even after the Sword is back in the sheath.
  • Twin Dragon: Releases dark energy along the ground that resembles a dragon’s teeth.
  • Mountain Fall: Sura carries out a cut-off attack by executing a combo.
  • Shadow Cloak: Disappears after performing a quick slash attack.
  • Heavy Rain: A rain of high damaging blades as Sura swings his blades into the air.
  • Blade Storm: Uses an energy-infused blade to damage the enemy for a small period of time.
  • Twin Fang: Unleash combo attacks with dual-wielding katanas.
  • After Image: Combines the powered-up slash with a whirlwind of powerful slashes.
  • Rising Cut: Controls the enemy especially with a stunning effect after series of cuts.
  • Shadow Strike: Executes countless slashes within a fraction of a second.
  • Asura's Wrath: Unveils the power of executing a combo with all the 6 Katanas.

Black Desert Mobile is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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