Bird Hunt
| Bird Hunt

Like the developers of many Java games we've previously reviewed, Bird Hunt creator Interactive Exchange has drawn influence from other successful games.

In this case, Interactive Exchange uses the basic idea of Duck Hunt as its source material.

Instead of waiting for ducks to fly from behind a bush here, though, you target the birds that are flying on and off the screen for points.

Fowl fun

Your aim is to pick up the requisite number of points to clear a stage.

By bagging the desired bird, charmingly shown in the top-right corner with a crosshair over its face, you earn a point. By hitting the wrong one, you'll lose a point.

Furthermore, there's a timed mode if you don't fancy playing through set stages. It's all just more of the same, though, with the pressure of time being the only difference.

Bird Hunt is good fun, sure, but there isn't an awful lot here to keep you entertained beyond a short blast now and again when on the bus.

Bird Hunt

Simple fun that'll keep you occupied for a few minutes at a time. Just don't expect anything incredibly new here