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Big Game Hunter is basically an FPS with two weapons.

One of them's a camera, which you use to snap the friendly animals you encounter.

The other's a rifle, which you use to murder the poachers who pop out of the jungle.

Ethics aside, Big Game Hunter proves to be a reasonably entertaining jaunt into Africa, albeit one that's super-tough and pretty unpleasant on the eye.

Shooting trip

While stood still observing the fauna of the savannah, you can move the lens of your camera or the barrel of your rifle via '2', '4', '6', and '8'. That way, you can get in position for the perfect shot.

By tapping '5', you can take a snap or fire off a bullet. Hitting '0' enables you to switch between your camera and your gun, by the way.

The elephants and antelopes that wander in from the left and the right need to be snapped. The better composed your picture, the more points you receive.

A flashing warning sign appears when a poacher creeps into frame, and you need to shoot him before he takes out any of the animals.

The hunter has become the hunted

In truth, there's nothing broken about this game, although it is awfully ugly and the difficulty level is ramped up pretty fast.

Still, there's enough here to prevent you from wanting to throw your phone away the instant you start it up.

Big Game Safari

An adequate shooting gallery game containing odd messages about violence, Big Game Safari is briefly enjoyable
Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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