Big Game Safari

Big Game Safari sounds as if it might amount to nothing more than hunting some animals in the Serengeti before looking over the spoils of your labours.

But how could you hunt such majestic creatures for little more than something to hang on the wall of your home?

Luckily, that's not what Big Game Safari is all about.

Breaking out the Canon

In Big Game Safari you must snap shots of wild African animals in search of points. The better the shot, the more points you gain. It also varies from animal to animal, as some of the more common ones won't gain as much as the rarer or slightly more exotic creatures.

At the same time, you’ve got to switch from your camera to your rifle to take down poachers as they try to score a kill.

It's certainly a novel twist on the safari hunter game, and one that I'm certain Cabela wouldn't be impressed with due to the concern for wild animals on show.

Act of compassion

It may not be the most impressive in terms of visual sheen, although it certainly isn't a bad-looking game, but you'll find yourself rather captivated by saving these animals.

That said, it does get a little tiresome to play for too long, as every stage is exactly the same in terms of what you have to do and how you go about doing it. But in short bursts this is rather good fun.

Big Game Safari

Fun in short bursts, this little hunting title goes against the standard template and, in doing so, brings a little charm to what could be dull
Vaughn Highfield
Vaughn Highfield
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