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Beat Workers is a rhythm action game now available for iOS

Beat Workers is a rhythm action game now available for iOS
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NaturalPad’s Beat Workers is a rhythm action game that is now available for iOS along with Android devices. The game features a world where robots live and carry out daily tasks. The player takes on the role of the Great Architect, the only human employed in the world dominated by robots.

As the Great Architect, your job is to sync and assign those builder robots in order to renovate and rebuild the famous monuments from the past. The controls and mechanisms are quite simple as the player only needs to tap and swipe to the rhythm. But remember to defend your construction site from the invasion of the evil Saboteur.

Saboteur’s job is to disrupt your construction work from completing. While you carry the construction Saboteur will deploy his troops to hamper your progress by destroying the buildings. Maintain the pace with the beat which includes 32 exclusive music tracks from 10 genres along with your robots. As the level increases, the difficult music comes to play to test your accuracy.

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Famous french monuments like the Basilique of Fourvière (Lyon), Notre-Dame de Paris and the great Eiffel Tower will be remodelled by you with the help of other builder robots. Keep in mind, the better you maintain your accuracy the quicker the work finishes.

Players can earn a gold medal if they score the highest with a single music beat. Although, all the tracks are free to use and can be played according to the will of the player, choose the best one which syncs well with your tapping

The uniqueness of the game is that it doesn’t follow the rules of other similar games. The tempo and music change will occur without any visual clue. The game also has a campaign mode with 2 levels of difficulty and 64 levels in total to play from.

Beat Workers is available now over on Google Play and App Store. It is a premium game that is undergoing a discount and is priced at $1.99.
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