App Army Assemble: Beat Workers - Does this rhythm action game bring anything new to the genre?

We ask the App Army

App Army Assemble: Beat Workers - Does this rhythm action game bring anything new to the genre?

Beat Workers is a rhythm action game with a slight twist. Rather than simply battling against enemies or simply living out your rockstar dreams on a virtual stage you will be reconstructing famous French monuments. Sounds like a tough job, so we handed the game over to our App Army to see how they found the experience.

Here's what they said:

Michael Purdy

I should have known better lol. I have terrible rhythm. You rebuild buildings to the rhythm of the drum. It warns you to used wired headphones. I didn’t have any on hand and was playing while my wife drove, so I used my AirPods. That may have accounted for my issues, but I had problems passing the first stage. Still, a novel concept with a cool art style and music.

Makara Nou

It was hard to get the hang of the game and I was still stuck in the first stage for some time. As there’s no visual clue, it was difficult to know when to tap and when to tap it slowly or fast or which part of the rhythm to follow. But the music is really great!

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Jim Linford

The overall main idea of the game is to tap in time to the beat this is done by tapping on your screen to synchronise the construction robots as they build. So far so simple. As the game progresses you have enemies that attack the building and you have different ways of getting rid of them such as tapping three times to the beat or slicing them. The game works but I’m a bit bad with my rhythm and I cannot see any visual feedback for keeping rhythm only an energy bar you fill-up. it has taken me a few turns to complete a level it’s frustrating for me but not a deal-breaker. So keep that in mind if like me if your not the best at keeping time. I like this game but it hasn’t hooked me as much as other rhythm games it is still worth getting though

Oksana Ryan

This is a great game if you want to while away for half an hour or so. The idea is to rebuild historic French buildings while tapping out a constant rhythm and fighting off creatures that want to interrupt and destroy your hard work. Plus there is a time element too. At first, I found the music a little basic, but as I progressed I realized it had to be like that to help me keep in time. The graphics were colourful, the sound is good and it had a more than an adequate tutorial. There really isn’t a lot more to say. I enjoyed playing and as far as beat games go, it’s not a bad example. Will keep it on my iPad for days when I need a quick distraction.

Mark Abukoff

I don’t use sound a lot for any iPhone games. Just a preference. So I wasn’t really looking forward to this. But aside from the kind of annoyance of having to calibrate the touchscreen (which I guess makes sense, though it seemed like it was kind of taking itself pretty seriously), I didn’t mind this game at all. The music was appealing and I liked the challenge of keeping the rhythm without visual cues. I also liked the visual style and the progress bar as the buildings (famous locations in France) are being rebuilt. The difficulty ramps up a little as you start to have to smash robot minions in varying locations while maintaining your beat. Not easy. All in all, it’s a change from most rhythm games and it’s something I’d recommend, especially to fans of the genre.

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