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Beat Repeat, a brand new rhythm/memory game with some striking visuals and a fantastic soundtrack, launches onto iOS

Beat Repeat, a brand new rhythm/memory game with some striking visuals and a fantastic soundtrack, launches onto iOS
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Developer Sherpa Reynolds has released their latest project: Beat Repeat. A brand new take on the rhythm genre, Beat Repeat seeks to take the typical formula of rhythm games and return it to some of the real classics of the bygone era like Parappa The Rapper or the Rhythm Tengoku series. With those inspirations on its sleeve, this is both a rhythm game and a memory game at its core.

There’s no super-easy way to describe what exactly that style of gameplay looks like, but basically, take the heart of rhythm games (hitting notes in sync with a beat) and take a piece of memorisation puzzles, and you’ve got Beat Repeat. You’ll be handling both your ability to memorise a beat and the sound and timing of it as well as your reflexes at hitting notes in sync with said beat.

Beat Repeat also understands what is perhaps the most simple and yet often most neglected part of what makes a rhythm game feel good - feedback. The audio and visual feedback alike are both phenomenal in Beat Repeat, and seek to entertain the player's ears and eyes alike to keep you hooked on the gameplay loop.

Add in a lovely visual style full of colour and popping graphics and a soundtrack that is sure to make you want to ace every song on the list, and Beat Repeat is the perfect title for fans of the rhythm genre or anything adjacent to said genre.

If you’re interested in an excellent rhythm-based experience with a banger soundtrack, fantastic visuals, and a unique take on the genre that will provide you with endless fun and leaderboards to chase to prove you’re the best of the best, Beat Repeat might be the one for you. Give it a go at the link below for free!

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