Battlegrounds Mobile India - Major changes in Ranking System and Royal Pass in the upcoming season

Battlegrounds Mobile India - Major changes in Ranking System and Royal Pass in the upcoming season

Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India is successfully enticing the Indian PUBG Mobile players and its download numbers are ever-increasing. As players are always excited about Royal Pass, Krafton has also made the effort to bring this feature over to BGMI but with some major changes for the upcoming season.

In this article, we will discuss the various changes that the developer has made in Battlegrounds Mobile India in terms of the Royal Pass, rankings and other features.

When does the new season begin for BGMI?

The current Season 19 will end on the 14th July at 5.49 AM and the new season is supposed to start on the same day at 7.00 PM. In that time gap, the game will be resetting the stats and highlights and will be preparing for the start of the next season.

What are the changes in Royal Pass?

Players of PUBG Mobile who were quite familiar with Royal Pass and will have seen the RPs as S1, S2 and so forth. But from now on, in Battlegrounds Mobile India, the terms have been changed to M1, M2 and so on.

Regular buyers of Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile will know that the duration of the Pass is 2 months. In the case of BGMI, Krafton has decided to change it to only once per month. This means that all of the stats, rewards and achievements will be reset after every month.

Although the publisher has not revealed the cost of Royal Pass from Season 20, it is guaranteed that the game will have new content every month. It is also being assumed that the price will be comparatively lower as players will have to make frequent purchases. 

What are the changes in the Seasonal Ranking System?

Among these changes, this system has undergone a major alteration. From the next season onwards, the developers have introduced Cycles, where each Cycle consists of three seasons. For example, the first season will be named C1S1, the second one will be C1S2 and so on. We will update our page with all of the BGMI characters as soon as new ones get released, so make sure you stay with us for more info about the game!