Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS version is confirmed will release soon

iOS users will be able to play BGMI soon!

Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS version is confirmed will release soon

After a long wait, fans of Battlegrounds Mobile India can soon get their hands on the iOS version of the game. The announcement was made on Krafton official social handles. Battlegrounds Mobile India was initially released on July 2nd, and since then players have been requesting and hoping for an iOS version. 

Recently, Krafton took it to their official Instagram account and posted about the upcoming iOS version for Battlegrounds Mobile India along with few other posts on the topic. The caption says, “We thought you missed it earlier. So, just wanted to let you know. Stay tuned for more!”.

The announcement came right after, Wooyol Lim, Head of Battlegrounds Mobile Division of Krafton said “We will soon make announcements on our social media handles to keep our fans updated”.

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When will the Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS version release?

Following the posts on social made, players can expect an iOS version for Battlegrounds Mobile India by the end of this month. According to some unofficial reports, the version is set to go live on August 20. But, these are just rumours, so it's always best to wait for official confirmation.

Will be there anything new in the iOS version?

There will be no major changes or differences between the iOS and Android versions. Krafton will be optimizing the game for the supported iOS devices while keeping the rest of the features the same for both platforms.

Are there any special requirements to download the iOS version?

There are no special requirements for the players to try out the game. As the game has regionally been released for Android, the iOS version will be instantly available on the App Store, once Karfton officially launches it. Make sure to check the minimum system requirements of the game to ensure it runs smoothly.

Will there be pre-registrations for the iOS version?

At this point in time, we are unsure if there will be pre-registration for the iOS version. In truth, we assume that there might not be one as Krafton simply released the game for Android devices. So, there's a strong possibility that the game will be immediately available on the App Store.

Will Krafton add the account transfer feature once again?

It entirely depends on the authority to decide whether they wish to reintroduce it again or not. But to help players get back their old iOS version PUBG Mobile account and link it with BGMI, Krafton will have to add the feature for a limited period of time.