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Battlegrounds Mobile India hacks - How to recognize and report them

Battlegrounds Mobile India hacks - How to recognize and report them

In this article, we will be taking a look at all the unfair and illegal ways of how a player can cheat in Battlegrounds Mobile India. By cheats, illegal and other unfair methods, we mean the usage of hacks.

Who doesn’t want to reach higher tiers or ranks while grinding a highly competitive game like Battlegrounds Mobile India? And if we talk about the ways to reach that height then there are only two. One is by continuously playing the ranked matches and the other one is by using unfair means.

As you might be aware, Battlegrounds Mobile India is a rebrand of PUBG Mobile, so the introduction of hacks for the game isn't going to take long. If you wish to learn more about PUBG Mobile hacks, check out our recent article.

Today, we will discuss the various methods players use to climb ranks and climb to the top of the game through illegal means. Most importantly, what are the hacks? How does it work? And what are the repercussions?

What are Battlegrounds Mobile India hacks?

Hacks are illegal or unauthorized methods of using a product. In this case, these are banned scripts and modified files that are used to alter the functions of the original game in order to get full access to the game. By getting full access, players can simply modify the predefined functions to make things easier for themselves.

How to download Battlegrounds Mobile India hacks?

Nowadays, mod files are more popular than scripts as it needs no programming knowledge in order to implement the cheat. These apps come with the ability to modify the base codes and have numerous features that users can choose according to their needs.

Basically, these apps have Aimbots, wallhacks, invincibility and lots more. In order to download them, you will have to visit third party websites and come across tons of ads and surveys to download the files. Players should not expect these files from a trusted source.

How to use Battlegrounds Mobile India hacks?

If you were successful in downloading and installing the game on your device. All you need to do is load up the game by clicking the modded app. For that, you will have to uninstall the original game and proceed with the modified one. Once you’re in, follow the on-screen instructions to start climbing ranks, of course, illegally.

How to spot and report a cheater?

It is practically impossible in-game to shoot someone through a wall or knock them down from far away with just a single bullet. It is also not possible to survive a headshot from a shotgun or to stay alive inside the restricted zone. If you have spotted someone doing any of these extraordinary things, then congrats, you have successfully spotted a cheater. Now, follow the steps below to report them to Krafton immediately.

  • Quickly, start recording your gameplay video and save it on your device. You can also try to grab the ID of the player, but it's not necessary, though helpful
  • After you’re done recording, head to the customer support tab in-game
  • Select the report ticket title and add the nickname or ID of the cheater
  • Write Cheater as the content
  • In the Video section, you can add a link to the video or you can upload it straight from your device
  • That’s it, the cheater will fall into Krafton’s detection radar and will be banned right away if they're found to be using hacks

What are the repercussions of using hacks?

By now, you will have an idea of what the consequences of using BGMI hacks are. Over the years, the game’s cheat detection system has improved. As Battlegrounds Mobile India is also based on PUBG Mobile, the detection system works similarly. Therefore, it is highly advisable not to opt for any unethical means of playing the game. Using hacks can ban your account and mobile for an indefinite period. Plus, cheating isn't all that fun anyway. Earn you rank.