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How to top up in Battlegrounds Mobile India

How to top up in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Let’s take a look at how we can recharge or top-up UC for Battlegrounds Mobile India. The process is almost the same as PUBG Mobile except for some minor restrictions and changes.

If you were an active PUBG Mobile player then you must have recharged UC for making purchases in-game. We all know that it has been more than half a year since the game got banned and to replace it we have Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India had its full-fledged release this week and it actively supports UC top-up. Yes, right after its release, Krafton made an official announcement regarding the inclusion of this feature as fans of the game had raised numerous queries related to it.

What is UC?

UC is the short form of Unknown Cash which is an in-game currency that lets you buy all the exclusive items that the game has to offer. In order to earn UC, you will have to purchase them for a certain price from legitimate online game stores.

How to top up UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Before we start talking about the top-up steps in BGMI we just wanted to remind you that there are no ways to earn Free Unknown Cash. We have come across a bunch of websites claiming to offer Free Unknown Cash. But, just to make it crystal clear, these websites are fake and illegitimate. If you ever try such methods then your private data might be vulnerable or you might get banned by the game.

Follow the steps below to easily top up UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

  • Launch the Battlegrounds Mobile India and wait for everything to load
BGMI lobby
  • Tap on the UC icon at the top right corner of the screen
Battlegrounds Mobile India top up UC
  • Once you’re inside the tab, you will see a section like the above pic
  • Choose one of the amounts of UC shown in the tab and click on it
  • After clicking on it, the game will ask you for your payment method
  • As of now, Net Banking, UPI and Card payments are supported. Players will not be able to top up using Google Play balance

Did you play PUBG Mobile prior to the release of BGMI? If you are quick, you can still transfer your data and progress here!