Beginner Battle Legion tips to form your army and win

| Battle Legion
Beginner Battle Legion tips to form your army and win

Follow these Battle Legion tips and you'll become the auto-battle king

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Battle Legion is the auto mass battler you've been missing out on. Dota Underlords? Forget about it. Teamfight Tactics? I don't even know her.

Battle Legion is here to simplify the big auto battler gameplay in a simple way, and it does so marvelously, all you need to do is lay down your units and fight.

Though it's not immediately obvious just how important unit placement is, what their abilities are, and what makes them so darn useful. But that's exactly what this guide is for, as we walk you through how to cement an excellent team early on in the game.

Read through our tips below, and get ready to put your units into a winning position as you play through Battle Legion.

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Frontline defences

I suppose this should be obvious, but the positioning of your units in battle is incredibly important and, in case it wasn't obvious, you do not want to place slow units near the back of the pack, instead you want them up front.

Up front is also where you want traps and walls, should those be the kind of things you see working well in your overall game plan. Personally, I recommend going all-in on offence, as the best defence in a good offence.

Up front you want those larger, slower, and high HP units which can tank damage and breach the frontlines, while other units move in just behind.


Having said that, you can absolutely win wars with just long-range units alone, if you play smart. Archers are amazing, and believe me, you will want a damn good team of them - at least two sets of archers, upgraded as much as possible.

Bigger, tougher enemies will often only be felled by archers, who can team up from the back while other units act as a distraction. Only having one team of archers will spell misery, even if it seems like other units are more useful.

In fact, just to prove my point, try going a few stages with just archers and walls. That's right, max out your points onn archers and walls, maybe a trap or two, and watch how the matches go. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

This is war

War isn't fair. Or war never changes. Something like that. Anyway, the means in war honestly don't matter as much as the end result. For proof of that, just look at how much everyone loves the United States of America despite its long history of war crimes.

So maybe fighting fair is a dumb idea. Maybe you need to double down on traps and walls. Or maybe even assassins.

A good way to get ahead in battle is to take out archers, and a pair of assassins in your group will do that amazingly. And conversely, you shoould defend yourself against such attacks, so having a bomb or some other units at the rear of your team may protect archers and other from sneak attacks.

Every reward

This is the kind of game where every point you get, every upgrade, and every victory can make a difference, and if you want to keep winning and earning, you're going to need to harvest every reward possible.

First off are those smaller missions you'll clear through. Check these in the bottom left of the main menu in between battles, and a red number will highlight any quests you can complete and earn rewards from. The chests you unlock over time are also an obvious place to get bonuses.

There is the free reward path on the battle pass of course (no paid rewards for me, thank you) and finally, you can watch ads for rewards up to three times a day. The rewards are good, and you can always look away…

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