Battle Crush's second beta goes live for Android & PC in 97 countries

Battle Crush's second beta goes live for Android & PC in 97 countries
  • Battle Crush is a cheerful take on the MOBA genre
  • You play as mythology-inspired heroes called Calixers
  • The game's second beta goes live today in 97 countries

Battle Crush, the cheerful take on the MOBA genre featuring a mythology-inspired cast of characters, will see its second beta go live today in over 90 countries. NCSoft promises significant enhancements and changes building off feedback from the first beta, as well as enhanced PC controls, a new lobby UI and an added reward system for defeating your opponents. But hurry! Because this latest beta is only available from March 28th.

Pitting you in a battle royale against other players, Battle Crush mixes elements of MOBAs and casual party games like Smash Bros. The objective is to gather new weapons and gear while utilising your hero's, or Calixer's, unique abilities to grind down your opponent's stamina and send them flying. You can play as heroes inspired by gods and heroes, such as Ares and Poseidon, or King Arthur and Lancelot.

Brawling for all
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When we got the chance to play Battle Crush in October last year, we found it to be a perfectly good mix of MOBA and battle royale. With a variety of mechanics and unique abilities depending on your Calixer, it's got a wealth of replayability and unlocks. With this second beta set to incorporate the feedback from the first round of testing, we can only assume that the game is going to be even better this time around.

You can enter the Battle Crush beta by signing up on their official website, and join the fight on Android and PC. If you want to get prepped for battle, you can check out our tier list of Calixers and top 7 hints for Battle Crush to give you an overview of all the basics!

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