The Battle Crush Friends hub

The Battle Crush Friends hub
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Battle Crush, NCSoft’s exciting mix of MOBA and battle royale has just headed into closed beta on Android. In case you're looking for people to play with, this list of Battle Crush friend codes is the best place to start!

it has already made a bit of an impression, with a mix of exciting gameplay that combines the best aspects of a MOBA with the slowly shrinking arena of a battle royale. There’s no jungling or laning here, just pure action. But like any multiplayer game, especially on mobile, it’s a lot of fun with friends.

Battle royale titles often benefit from having a dedicated team to play with. While playing on your own can be fun and challenging, for many, the tactical aspect of playing with multiple people really elevates the experience. And with a new title like Battle Crush, there’s an opportunity to play outside the commonly accepted norms and innovate in a wholly different way from something like PUBG Mobile of League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Battle Crush boasts a host of great social aspects, the now obligatory friends list, and voice chat to help coordinate if you’re playing with a team. It’s a game that’s definitely better with friends, which is why we’re starting another one of our friend code articles just for Battle Crush!

If you aren’t familiar with these, here’s how it works (the example linked here is for Mario Kart Tour). We provide our friend code and then in the comments other players looking for teams or just people to play casually with add theirs as well. Over time this builds up a solid hub of PocketGamer.com readers you can reliably team up with!

My Battle Crush friend code is Steel1 (#7850)

At the moment, with Battle Crush in beta, it’s only accessible between 17:00 and 01:00 UK time. So we’re only able to get in for a few hours at a time, but when it hits full release we're sure that Battle Crush is going to explode in popularity!

Feel free to leave your friend code in the comments for other PocketGamer.com readers to add you!

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Iwan Morris
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