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7 tips and hints for Battle Crush

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7 tips and hints for Battle Crush

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Want to know how to get ahead in Battle Crush? Well, NCSoft’s newest title is now available in beta on Android. After a few days of play, we’ve compiled the following set of top Battle Crush tips and tricks for you! Now, that's not all, as we have also covered how you can get gems and coins, which is as important as the tips below.

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Tip #1 - Check in for daily rewards

Well, this one goes without saying because daily rewards are basically a given in any game. But if you want to stay ahead of the pack and get a broader understanding of the rewards that daily check-ins offer, we recommend keeping them up in the beta. Especially as many of the daily rewards include Soul Fragments, which allow you to summon new Calixers to permanently add to your roster. Of course, these will likely reset after the beta, but if you want to get as much experience and try as many Battle Crush characters as possible before launch, this is a key thing to remember.

Tip #2 - Complete tutorials

Again, this may seem obvious, but even if you want to jump into the deep end immediately don’t forget that these tutorials have rewards! You get 500 Coins for each one, and they can teach you some advanced techniques such as aerial attacks and how to interact with chests, as well offering some practice matches to hone your skills.

Tip #3 - Practice makes perfect

While battling bots may not necessarily be a substitute for real human players, practice mode does let you try any Calixer you want, even ones you haven’t unlocked yet! Try them out and get to grips with their skills, abilities, shortcomings and strengths without risking a loss against actual players - that way when you do unlock them, you’ll have a jumpstart on using them optimally.

Tip #4 - Watch for knockback

We’ve compared Battle Crush to Smash Bros a few times now, and for good reason. One of the biggest aspects is knockback, at the end of a combo an opponent’s attack will knock you back, and if you’re near a ledge this is a death sentence. A few characters can float in water, but falling off the map is nearly always the end of your match. So be careful where you stand!

Tip #5 - Use stealth

Obscuring yourself is easy if you pick up a Stealth Scroll or step into areas with tall grass. This can offer you a big advantage, but watch out! It also means that you won’t realise an opponent is there until they’re right on top of you. Try and watch when and where opponents are entering these areas, and then catch them unawares, before they do the same to you!

Tip #6 - The better part of valor…

Remember, you don’t have to see every fight through to the end. And even now people are already recognising that often the risks aren’t worth the reward in drawing out a fight in Battle Crush. With a battle royale title, the key is surviving, not just dominating. So if you’re low on health and you see a break in combat, or better yet if someone else joins the fight, feel free to pull back and let your opponents duke it out before jumping back in to finish them off.

Tip #7 - That's all, folks!

And here are your key tips for Battle Crush! We’ll hopefully be jumping back and updating these as and when the game itself changes and hits full release. But for now, hopefully, these tips will help you get ahead while the Battle Crush beta is open.

There is a small Battle Crush friend hub that we are trying to expand, so don't be shy and add your friend code. It's much more fun to play with friends!

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