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Need friends for Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer? Share your friend codes here! (30k+ codes!)

Get all the multiplayer Mario Kart friends you need for the future

Need friends for Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer? Share your friend codes here! (30k+ codes!)
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Updated on 10/11/2021: Welcome to the world's best list of Mario Kart Tour codes, with over 36000 comments below the article.

Mario Kart Tour has finally landed on Android and iOS devices around the world and it's pretty good, although the microtransactions and subscription model do have our eyebrows firmly raised for now…

Nevertheless, we love jumping into Mario Kart with our friends, and much like every other Mario Kart game, this game allows you to gather a great list of friends to play with

There was a small problem at the launch. When it launched Mario Kart Tour didn't actually have a proper multiplayer mode. Disaster, I know, and it was really unclear at the time as to why Nintendo would launch such a big mobile title without such an obvious feature. However, it is here now, and now that it is you'll need a list of friends to get playing with.

That's exactly what this guide is for. You can start by adding me from the Pocket Gamer team, and then leave your friend code in the comments below so we can create a powerful hub for finding friends in Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Kart Tour is a surprisingly fully-fledged Mario Kart game, aside from the currently missing multiplayer mode. It has loads of tracks, driver, karts, gliders, and much more to unlock if you're willing to work for it. And friends can only make that experience better.

If you want to add me and the rest of the Pocket Gamer crew, just use my friend code below, and then check the comments for the rest of the team and, of course, make sure to leave your own!

My Mario Kart Tour friend code is… ...removed! So many people have attempted to add me that my game crashes when attempting to load my friend requests. Sorry, everyone!

Type that into the Add Friends section of your friend list, and you'll be able to add me. Once multiplayer is live, we'll play together, honest!

Until then, you can check out my ranked score and compare yourself - just don't be too jealous. (As of the time of writing my score is actually 0 please don't judge me.)

Leave your friend codes in the comments below, and tell us what you think of Mario Kart Tour!

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