Azur Lane releases new Frostfall event with new shipgirls and hot springs outfits in latest update

Azur Lane releases new Frostfall event with new shipgirls and hot springs outfits in latest update
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Yostar has just announced a new event for its naval shoot’em up, Azur Lane. Titled the Frostfall Event, it sees players retake the Arctic with the shipgirls as they spot the Sirens’ growth. With the summer setting in, the new shipgirls will be featured in their Hot Spring outfits, alongside more gear and furniture sets.

Azur Lane’s Frostfall event will be divided into two modes – Combat and Intel, each offering a different set of rewards. In the Combat mode, players can earn Frostfall PT, which can be used to unlock items like the Triple 180mm B-1-P Pattern 1932 Main Gun Mount and the Prototype Triple 240mm Main Gun Mount.

On the other hand, the Intel half will reward another set of items such as the Action Report – Frosstfall. This will help enhance the capabilities of the fleet. On top of the Frostfall questline, another story is set to take place in the hot springs, called Invitation of Melting Snow. Every day, a new part of the plot will open up.

Let’s also take a look at the three new shipgirls joining Azur Lane with this event:

  • Voroshilov – Super Rare Light Cruiser
  • Kursk – Super Rare Heavy Cruiser
  • Sevastopol – Elite Battlefield

In addition to this, the update will also expand the event shop’s offerings. The new Hot Springs series has been launched, featuring seven outfits out of which three are dynamic, and two L2D. The furniture set will carry forward the theme with the Legendary Bathhouse, which is ready to be purchased.

And as always, two rental outfit vouchers will be granted to everyone to use on outfits for Kursk, Voroshilov, and Joffre. Explore the new Frostfall event by downloading Azur Lane now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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