Azur Lane's Angel of the Iris event launches with new shipgirls, outfits, and more

Azur Lane's Angel of the Iris event launches with new shipgirls, outfits, and more
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Yostar’s tactical mobile RPG, Azur Lane has just launched a new Join Operation Event called Angel of the Iris. It will introduce three new shipgirls, new outfits, furniture sets, and a bunch of rewards to the naval shoot ‘em up. The Angel of the Iris event is live for everybody right now and will be available until July 13th.

Since Angel of the Iris is a Joint Operation event on Azur Lane, it will require all players on a server to band together to defeat Joffre. There’s a challenge there for everyone as the event stage has four difficulties – easy, normal, hard, and EX. Each player's contribution will be calculated and points will be distributed based on that. These Contribution Points will increase as gameplay gets more difficult, and players will be able to obtain rewards like Joffre Model, Elite gear Dewoitine D.790, and Super Rare Design Bréguet BR.810 using these points.

Since it is a group effort, the rewards list would be incomplete without a server-wide reward. So, when Joffre is beaten, all players on the server will gain the Angel’s Feather reward, an extremely rare gear item. Another part of this update is the Forest of Fables, a mini-event that will feature new quests every day until July 6th and will reward players with the Sleeping Bear furniture piece.

Azur Lane is introducing two new super rare shipgirls from the Vichya Dominion – Joffre and L’Indomptable. The former is capable of launching a special airstrike while the latter can perform special attacks every five seconds. A third character, Enterprise, who is an elite shipgirl has also been added. The event shop will house five new skins, a Fairy Tale Forest furniture set, and much more. Players also stand a chance to win two rental outfit vouchers which can be used on a couple of the new skins. Which one are you getting?

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