AVABEL LITE is an upcoming Japanese MMORPG that is now available for pre-registration on Android and iOS

AVABEL LITE is an upcoming Japanese MMORPG that is now available for pre-registration on Android and iOS

Avabel characters have returned in an all-new action-based MMORPG called AVABEL LITE. It is now open for pre-registration on Android and iOS.

About the game

AVABEL LITE has been developed and published by Asobimo inc., a Japanese video game developer well-known for RPG like AVABEL ONLINE, AVABEL LUPINUS and AVABEL CLASSIC.

AVABEL LITE is an upcoming MMORPG that helps connect to everyone's trends. It deals with community and cooperative play. Here, Avabel characters are claimed to be much cuter and easier to train. Your objective is to train your characters and send them into action-packed battles. You can train your characters even when AFK, and they are customizable as well. It also features a street stall system where you can buy and sell weapons, armours and items with players.

Another highlight is that, unlike other MMORPGs, in AVABEL LITE one character can be changed to any class. You can use the same character for close combat physical battles as well as long-distance magic battles just by changing its class.

Unfortunately, the developers have released no gameplay trailers, so we don't have a good idea of what to expect in terms of game mechanics. However, they have shared many screenshots that you can have a look at on the game's official website.

AVABEL LITE is available for pre-registration on Android and iOS

Asobimo has started taking pre-registration for AVABEL LITE. Interested players can pre-register on Google Play and the App Store. The developers have also launched a pre-registration campaign where if more than 100K pre-registrations are achieved, you will receive ¥12000 worth of rewards at launch.

Sadly the launch date for AVABEL LITE hasn’t been revealed yet. Whenever that might be, we will update you if any official information arrives.

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