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Auto Defense is a tower defense-slash-roguelite hybrid out now on iOS

Auto Defense is a tower defense-slash-roguelite hybrid out now on iOS

Gameloft has just announced the official release of Auto Defense, the tower defense game where you create synergies to protect your castle against waves of incoming fire. Out now on iOS, the game aims to add a unique twist to the genre with its turret-merging features that players can use to ward off evil alien blobs.

Auto Defense adds a roguelite element to the tower defense genre and equips you with synergies to fight the alien blob menace. Your turret will have different abilities such as poisonous attacks, AOE explosives, and speedy miniguns. You’ll also be able to wield ice guns and burn enemies to a fiery crisp with flaming hot burners.

Plus, you can deal damage from afar with long-range attackers and a variety of other weapons in your arsenal, as well as combine them to create more defensive powerhouses to protect your biome. The roguelite aspect of the game allows you to upgrade your turrets if you lose certain waves, unlocking extra abilites to make your next run more forgiving.

According to Gameloft VP of Creation Thomas Aurick, “Auto Defense takes a sometimes simple game genre – Tower Defense – and adds a unique roguelite twist to it, while bringing all sorts of nuanced elemental and special ability skills that ratchet up the complexity. We've been having a lot of fun playing Auto Defense internally, and we look forward to seeing what the public thinks, too.

If you’re ready to unleash automatic fire against alien invaders, Auto Defense is available to download on the App Store for all iOS devices worldwide. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. There are also weekly events where you can earn exclusive rewards and unlock special collectibles.

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