Plant with Care is an upcoming puzzle game from developer Tepes Ovidiu, who has previously released lovely indie titles, including Cessabit, Vestigium, Not Chess, and The Longest Drift. His latest effort is set to release for iOS and Android this Halloween, October 31st.

Since the game is releasing during the Halloween season, you will unlock five spooky-themed levels by pre-ordering ahead of launch. However, Plant with Care isn't supposed to be scary. Instead, it is intended to be a stress-free and relaxing experience that acts as a brain training activity for anyone, regardless of whether or not they usually play games.

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The story follows a cook who needs ingredients to make their delicious meals. Rather than buying it all from the shops, they grow it in their own garden. However, space is at a premium, with each vegetable having different planting rules to follow. So, each level tasks you with planting the correct seeds in the appropriate places to grow all the ingredients required for the current recipe.

There are 72 different levels to make your way through with three difficulty ratings – easy, medium and hard. According to the developer, the challenge will gradually increase as you beat each stage. Plant with Care promises simple controls so that anyone can quickly get to grips with its mechanics.

You can check out some gameplay for Plant with Care in the video above. As you can see, it sports a cosy autumnal aesthetic backed by lo-fi beats, which have become quintessential for relaxation in recent years.

Plant with Care will release on the App Store and Google Play this Halloween. It will be a premium title that costs $1.99.

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