Here are a few Disc Golf tips to get you successfully flinging your discs into the baskets!

Rec Room is a game that features a ton of other games for you to check out and play. From sports to horror to adventure, Rec Room seems to offer a bit of everything. There are plenty of games that are made by the developers but you'll see even more of them created by the community. 

Playing from a first-person perspective, you can essentially play whatever you like. It's very similar to games like Roblox or Dreams where the community helps deepen the experience. But one popular developer-made game is Disc Golf.

Disc Golf is really one of the first games you'll see when you take a look at your watch (your watch gives you access to basically everything). It's a lot of fun to play and has some solid physics too. With the ever-growing popularity of the sport, this game mode could still remain pretty hot.