What really makes a real-time strategy game stand out among the rest nowadays? The answer would be pretty vague, but it’d have to fall somewhere in between finding a good balance between units and making it entertaining enough to keep the players at it for a while. That is exactly the case for Mythic Legions Tactics: War of the Aetherblade.

Great Hall Game Studios strategic masterpiece takes place in the Four Horsemen's "Mythic Legions" Universe, and if you know a thing or two about that, you’ll have a clear understanding of what is to come. In Mythic Legions: Tactics, players will assemble their team and carefully deploy it in key locations in order to win against the opponent.

However, that’s not enough to emphasise just how different from your typical RTS War of the Aetherblade is. Not nearly enough. So, below you’ll find 5 additional reasons to convince you to play this stunning game.

Mythic Legions Tactics: War of the Aetherblade is a classic strategy, but not quite how you’d expect

The game is much more than just picking a unit or two, dropping it in a formation and then starting off a battle. Players will have the option to choose between the good and evil factions, depending on what they feel like playing that particular game. The choice of faction is not set in stone though, and players can switch at their own will the storyline they want to go for. Even during the game.

As for the actual battles, the attacks are not a random one-button skill - instead, they are tailored to each specific limb and body part, allowing for a multitude of combos and moves. That also means players can mash their two favourite classes together, creating something completely unique and never-before-seen in this type of game (or any other, for that reason). Classes such as Barbarian Mages, (which are essentially tankier mages who will not perish when the first attack hits them) will be a delightful choice to players who typically go for ranged DPS classes.

Are you a player who’s more into the strategy vs battle aspects, the developers have you covered. Choose the battle template mode and just build a team and send them into battle with a predetermined set of moves while you sit back and watch it all unfold before your eyes.

There’s a wide range of character customisation

Customising your character doesn’t stop at choosing a specific hair colour or style. Instead, there will be options that let players change the body type, armor, and add various tattoos, details to weapons and much more. Similar to the toy line, where players could choose to swap out various parts and replace them as they saw fit. That means the chances of finding two identical characters are vastly diminished, which only adds to the game’s complexity.

Also, players will build a character that is “slot-based”, which means all of the skills and level of experience you earn by playing the game will not be lost if you want to switch faction sides or buy a new character skin using the in-game gem and coin currency.

If you are familiar with the figurines, you’ll be ecstatic to meet the characters

As mentioned above, each character in the game follows its own unique storyline. There is a lore behind the mighty lion warrior, and behind every single character. That lore is expanded further and further with each storyline played and character discovered. Cinematics and cut-scenes are sprinkled on top of the already massive scenario, and that’s just the beginning.

Players will be able to discover the scenarios and storylines of their favourite character, and even buy the action figures to transpose the digital into reality. What is more satisfying than seeing the character you’ve worked so hard to create take on a real tangible shape?

Jump in on the Kickstarter campaign

Mythic Legions Tactics: War of the Aetherblade has a Kickstarter campaign that will reward backers with exclusive loot that includes the coveted action figures and tons of in-game exclusives, such as character skins, weapon enchantment effects and bonus armor packs for buying the game during the campaign..

By backing the game, players will receive all these ahead of time, without having to purchase them at release. The items will be sold separately once the game goes live, but those backing the Kickstarter campaign will get them for free. Jump in now as the campaign ends Sept 1st.

Pay to win? Not at all!

The game is a 100% non-pay-to-win, which means it’ll all come down to the strategy of choice and the right tactical approach. Players will, however, be able to purchase skins, weapons and enchantments, which are purely aesthetic changes. Therefore, playing the game will reward the best strategist, and not at all the one with the thickest wallet.