Recently, Valve announced their brand new handheld console, the Steam Deck, and made it available for reservations. But if you weren't lucky enough to secure a reservation or the device simply isn’t available in your region yet, you might have found yourself looking for some alternatives to the Steam Deck?

We have made this list of the best Steam Deck alternatives that promise to deliver the same performance and gaming experience along with other exciting features. This list contains some of the top-end devices along with their specifications.

Valve Corporations’ Steam Deck is an upcoming handheld gaming console, set to release in December 2021. The console will be available in three variants - base, mid and high - and runs on the latest version of Steam OS 3.0. The introductory price is set at $399 for the base model, with higher-spec options available that naturally cost a bit more.

The Steam Deck supports the entire Steam library which can be accessed by simply logging into the device. After you log in, your entire library of games will pop up. Most importantly, the Steam Deck also has an external dock that allows you to connect it to external display devices and other peripherals.

Steam Deck sleek

How to reserve Steam Deck?

The process to reserve a Steam Deck is very simple. Follow the steps below to pre-order a Steam Deck.

  • Visit the official Steam Deck reservation link
  • Note that, the reservation is only available in specific regions. If you are eligible the link to reserve will appear.
  • Choose one of the models you wish to pre-order
  • Tap on the "Login for reservations" button to proceed with the reservation

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best alternatives for Steam Deck on the next page.